On arrival in Kanab, we installed ourselves in the local National 9 motel, and, after a shower, went in search of a beer.

Kanab, we discovered, was founded by the Mormons, and in common with much of the rest of the State, does not have a single bar or tavern to its name. There are a few restaurants which will serve ‘liquor’ with a meal, but these form a tiny minority. To find a bar, we were advised to cross the border into Arizona, about 3 miles down the road – or buy some ‘take-outs’ from the local gas station. Instead, we dined in Escobars Mexican restaurant: one of the minority which advertise ‘Cold Beer’.

After a late start, we bought breakfast in the Vermilion Café, one of several Internet cafés in town. We browsed the gift shops, and ate ice cream for lunch – intending to set out for the Grand Canyon at about 5pm. The idea was to see the North Rim at sunset (around 9pm).

As luck would have it, as we were about to set off, very dark clouds appeared from the South. Unperturbed, we donned our biking gear. Then we saw the lightening. One thing we have learned from our friends last week, is that you don’t want to get caught out in a thunderstorm in this area!

We spent the evening writing our diary, and giving our bikes a much needed clean.