Friday 1st June 2001, Boston

Arrived Boston aka “The Big Dig” in blazing sunshine. If you think roadworks in London are bad, you should see Boston. The centre of Boston is being ‘developed’, and the foundations have (so far) taken 5 years to build. Locals joke that they never know whether the road they used to leave the city will still be there when they return. The work is scheduled to continue well into the foreseeable future. We took a shuttle van from the airport, which we shared with an elderly (and slightly confused) Bostonian lady.

The motorcycle dealers, Dunbar Eurosports, who (on the Internet) appeared to be based in Boston, turned out to be some 23 miles south of the City – much to the dismay of both the shuttle driver … and our elderly companion!

Thanks to the efficiency of Cathy and Tom at Dunbar Eurosports, the bikes were ready and waiting for us when we eventually arrived in Brockton. Martin Conboy, of Conboy and Lynch, took care of the registration and insurance for us, and by 6.30pm we were ready to ride off into the sunset in search of a hotel.