Tuesday 19th June 2001, Las Vegas NV

Had a late morning (having been kept awake by the rattling of the air-conditioning unit). When we eventually surfaced, it was still unbearably hot outside. However, we made it down to the local Post Office to post home more unwanted ‘stuff’. We also discovered the more ordinary side of Las Vegas. Running parallel to The Strip is Maryland Parkway, where the locals shop.

That evening we made sure we had our camera with us, when we went out. We also discovered a great way to eat cheaply. Outside The Tropicana hotel there was a stand offering a free spin on a slot machine, with the chance of winning a Ford Mustang. Each entrant was promised a prize. 2 tickets to a magic show or the Folies Bergères, or just some free vouchers. (No prizes for guessing what we won!)

Amongst the vouchers, was a two-for-one offer for a hamburger in the Hotel’s restaurant, a $1 frozen Margarita and a two-for-one cocktail from the bar. (No prizes for guessing what we had for dinner …!)

We killed some time at the Tropicana bar, playing video poker, and then went for another stroll. Even at midnight, the temperature did not drop below the mid-eighties. Today, we were determined to get some good photos, so we took a ride in the elevator to the top of the ‘Eiffel Tower’. The view, especially of the water show, was quite spectacular.