After the obligatory trip down to Cape Leeuwin, where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, Brigid thought it would be a good idea to drive inland to Pemberton (theoretically another wine-growing region). It was, it has to be said, a very pleasant drive, through tall Karri forests, and uncharacteristically green pastoral land. On arrival, Brigid (still in slimming mode) insisted on a walk to the local crafts centre. Moments after leaving the van, we were enveloped in another squadron of pesky flies, who accompanied us all the way there and back, frequently reminding us of their presence by flying into our noses and eyes, and squatting on our sunglasses. How do the Australians put up with them!?

The Rough Guide recommended the Eagle Creek Trout Hatchery for a meal, so at about 7pm we set off down a forest road for the 17km drive – breaking our rule about ‘night driving’.

There had clearly been some sort of storm through the area recently, as we had to dodge a variety of wind blown obstructions.

Needless to say, being Sunday evening, the restaurant was closed when we arrived, so we headed back into Pemberton (dodging suicidal frogs on this leg).

We eventually ate at the Shamrock restaurant, where almost everything was off the menu, due to a rush earlier in the evening. Still, we had a couple of nice smoked trout, with chips and peas.