Saturday 10th November 2001, Carnavon, Oz.

Brigid’s Mum’s birthday. “Happy Birthday Mum!”

Our departure from Exmouth was delayed by Brigid’s decision to do the washing … all of it! It shouldn’t have been a problem, with two washing machines and a tumble dryer at our disposal. So we heaped it all in while we ate breakfast. After 30 minutes John went back to load the dryer … only to find it had no drum!

Instead we had to make do with the washing lines. As Brigid worked on the diary, John kept watch on our precious clothes pegs (now this might strike you as a little ‘anal’, but with a fresh breeze blowing, most people’s washing ends up scattered all over the campsite unless pegged … and most people don’t think to pack pegs) … We finally left the campsite at 1pm.

On arrival in Carnavon, Brigid rang her Mum to wish her Happy Birthday, and John rang Mike. We ate dinner in The Old Post Office again, and got an early night.