Thursday 1st November 2001, Perth Oz.

We were awake at 7am, so made the most of the day by leaving the campsite early to explore downtown Perth.

We parked by the Entertainment Centre, where a few teenage girls were already awaiting the arrival of Robbie Williams. (Brigid enquired after tickets at the Box Office but, finding that there were only ‘restricted view’ tickets available – amazing that there were any at all, really – we passed on the opportunity.) Next stop was an Internet café/dive shop that John had spotted in Barrack Street. We logged in to take down Jim Elliott’s address, which Bill Ferguson had sent us. Unfortunately, Jim turned out to be living in Queensland, so there was no hope of seeing him on this trip.

The rest of the day we spent shopping – first for a good guidebook, then for new undies, after two of Brigid’s bras had mysteriously disappeared off campsite washing lines … By 5pm our legs were growing weary, we headed back to the van to stow our purchases. Then we crossed the railway lines to find something to eat among Perth’s many trendy restaurants and bars.