It was only about an hour’s drive from Toodyay into Perth, and we spent the day doing necessary things like re-booking our onward flights to Singapore and Thailand, and finding a telephone number for John’s cousin, Tony Jenkins. 

We decided that Fremantle seemed to be an infinitely nicer place to stay than Perth, so we found ourselves a campsite just south of the town.  We ate at the “Mussel Bar”, where John was disappointed to find that a ‘pitcher’ of beer held less than 2 pints … but cost more!  After a short discussion with the Manager, he put his hands up and admitted “most people don’t notice”.  We wont be eating there again!!

Due to over-use, no doubt, John’s Barclays Connect (ATM) card had given up the ghost – leaving him temporarily dependent on Brigid for cash!  After dinner, he made a quick phone call to his bank’s branch in Putney, and arranged for them to forward a new card to a local bank in Fremantle. All we needed to do was to send a fax confirming the address.