Seeing as our visit to Dallas had now been unintentionally extended, we were able to return the McGinnis’s hospitality by inviting them to dinner. Joe’s Crab Shack had been recommended to us by one of the waitresses at The Waffle House (by this time a regular breakfast haunt).

Even Brittni agreed that Joe’s was worth a visit … despite curtailing her date with her boyfriend. However, when Mom showed up at the appointed hour to collect her from the baseball game, Brittni quickly suggested that the boys might catch her up at the restaurant.

Joe’s Crab Shack has a reputation for being great entertainment, partly on account of its wacky décor, and partly for the regular cabarets performed by the waiting staff (during which time, needless to say, service is suspended).

Brittni’s friends turned up before the food, and (to her parents’ irritation) she immediately went to sit with them. We didn’t mind in the least, but we got our own back when Lori asked the staff if they would help us embarrass her.

The waitress was delighted. She announced to the other diners that, in order to reunite the family, we all would perform a Conga around the restaurant.

Everybody laughed and cheered us through, the food arrived, and a great time was had by all!