Tuesday 17th July 2001, Dallas TX

All the parts for John’s bike, and most of the bits for Brigid’s, had been received, and we were hopeful that both would be back on the road for Thursday.

Anxious not to miss out on any of the popular haunts, we thought a visit to the enclave of ‘British’ pubs in Lower Greenville would be in order. Lower Greenville was easy enough to find, but we were surprised not to see any truly English pubs. True, there were a couple of Irish pubs, but the main characteristic of the nightlife in Lower Greenville, was the plethora of bars advertising live music.

Then, quite by chance, we stumbled on The Blue Goose (a bar that we had been recommended to us by the Stetson-wearing assistant in Cavender’s Western Store), which is popular with bikers.

It was a pity that it was Tuesday, as we had been told that Thursday and Friday were the bar’s big ‘cruise nights’, when many custom bikes would be parked outside. Nevertheless, the bar serves excellent Mexican food, and knockout Margaritas!

(The English pubs have mostly relocated to Addison, where, coincidentally, there is another branch of The Blue Goose.)