Wednesday 4th July 2001, Denver CO

Knowing that most shops and restaurants would be closed for the holiday, we decided that today would be a good time to take a picnic and visit the Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was sunny as we set out for the 80 mile trip to the park. On the way we bought a disposable polystyrene cool box. We filled it with ice from a gas station, and picked up a couple of roast beef subs and drinks from a branch of Subway – hey presto, instant picnic!

As we approached Estes Park, we could see dark clouds gathering behind the snow-capped mountains. We even imagined that we heard the odd roll of distant thunder. Undaunted we carried on into the Park.
By the time we reached the Information Centre, it had begun to rain. We ate our lunch and watched some spectacular forked lightening from the shelter of the porch at the Moraine Museum.

The storm quickly passed and we took a shuttle bus to Glacier Gorge Junction from where we walked the trail to Alberta Falls.

On the way back to Denver we were glad of another opportunity to enjoy the twisty mountain roads.