Wednesday 18th July 2001, Dallas TX

Who was that shadowy figure behind the wall on the grassy knoll? Was Oswald acting alone? Who killed Jack Ruby?

Who could visit Dallas and not pay a visit to the excellent ‘6th Floor Museum’ in what used to be the Book Repository, from where Oswald almost certainly fired the shot that allegedly killed JFK? The museum keeps the controversy and Kennedy’s memory alive with an exhibition of family photos, video clips and evidence gathered from witnesses.

While it would be tempting to take a snap from the 6th floor window, as Oswald would have seen it, photographs are prohibited (our digital camera was taken off us at the door) and, besides, trees have obscured the view a little in the last 38 years!

On the day we visited, a separate photographic tribute to Jackie Kennedy was also being displayed on the ground floor.

On Wednesday evening we decided to upload the incomplete website. After a couple of false starts, the files began to transfer. By about midnight we could, at last, lay claim to a live website. Unfortunately, none of the pictures had uploaded correctly, which made the site dull, grey, and uninspiring to view.