The day started well enough. We had breakfast at the Waffle House again, and spent a little while sorting out some correspondence, before going out in the afternoon to check out the local malls.

I wanted to post some photographs home, so after an iced mocha at Starbucks’, we set off to find the Rockwall Post Office. Ridge Road was undergoing road works, and a queue of slow-moving traffic stretched back for about ½ mile in either direction.

As we approached the brow of a small hill, the car in front of Brigid stopped suddenly. Brigid managed to stop the light BMW in time, sticking her feet down quickly to prevent a spill. John was not so lucky. As he braked, the Triumph hit a small patch of loose gravel and slid into the back of Brigid’s bike, sending both of them tumbling to the ground in an embarrassing heap.

No serious damage was done, other than some broken plastic and a couple of bruised egos. But, as the Triumph went down, oil had flooded the air-filter, and the bike refused to start. Obviously the bikes would need to be repaired before we could leave Dallas … and it was Monday and no motorcycle dealer worth his salt is ever open on a Monday!