Arrived at Nadi (Fiji) at about 7am. As per the guidebook, we caught the Pacific Express (“As sure as the sunrise”) bus to Tubakula. The bus was a delight – a British Leyland model circa 1960. We bumped and jolted for about an hour and a half, past sugar plantations, hindu temples, and rural villages. Every now and again we would get a tantalising view of the sea and a white sandy beach.

Our A-framed bungalow was a pleasant surprise. It had all the essentials, and was only a stone’s throw from the beach. We stocked the fridge with food for breakfast, and slept until 3pm … zzzzzzz

Tubakula has a cheerful communal dining room with an adjoining TV lounge. Each evening at 7pm, following the news, there was a video film (always a ‘B movie’, and never worth watching). Tonight we shared our table with Alasdair and Chloe Jackson, who’s dream honeymoon was being more than slightly eclipsed by a large quantity of classroom work (and prep) for their PADI Open Water certificate.