Wednesday 5th September 2001, Portland OR

The morning consisted of much running around chasing the two FedEx packages.  FedEx confirmed that the Brighton package (the cheque) had arrived.  But the other package (the Title) had been accidentally redelivered to Econolodge, who had accepted it.  Eventually, after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, John returned to Sunnyside, Triumph-antly (sorry!) bearing both the Title and cheque.  Now all we had to do was dispose of the two bikes.

We rode out to Beaverton, where, in their shiny new showroom, we met Janice and Kelly McCarthy.  Being in the opposite position to Portland Motorcycles, in that they had reduced their stock prior to the move, they were happy to take our bikes on consignment.  Indeed, only the day before, someone had been enquiring about a Triumph Trophy!  Fuelled with optimism, we arranged to come back around closing to fill in the paperwork.

That evening, Brad and Gina had friends over to watch the Mother Road Rally video.  At last we felt able to relax.  Somehow, watching the video again served to remind us that we had reached the end of the road for this part of our tour.  Our relief at having found an outlet for the bikes was offset by more than a tinge of sadness to be leaving the States.