Thursday 20th September 2001 Tubakula Fiji

Having discovered that the dive shop was based at the Outrigger all along, we strolled up there to book diving for the following day.

We took the bus into Sigatoka, where we did some shopping for souvenirs. Actually, we found we had no option but to buy some souvenirs, for as soon as we got off the bus, we were led firmly into the market by an Indian trader, keen to show us his ‘unique’ carvings. The carvings were by no means unique, but rather than appear rude, John agreed to buy a small statue.

Seizing on our gullibility, a women from the next door stall grasped Brigid by the arm. “You come from London? I have a cousin in Southall. You look at my stall.” Short of resorting to violence, Brigid had no choice but to ‘look’ at the woman’s collection of trinkets.

Slightly ashamed of our lack of willpower, we left the market with a bag full of odd wooden carvings, and a small pendant.

The cafes on the main street did not look particularly appealing, especially as it looked as though it was going to rain any minute. Our guidebook recommended the Sigatoka Club for curry, so we felt quite smug as the heavens opened just as we reached the door.

The guidebook did not lie. The curry was superb value for money. We had chicken curry, rice, dahl, pickle, and soup for F$5.50 (less than £2).