Since we were due to leave Hawaii on Sunday, we spent the morning doing some essential housekeeping.  In addition, we booked a beach bungalow at Tubakula on Viti Levu (Fiji) for the following week.

Our new-found enthusiasm for diving found us back on the beach with our masks and snorkels in the afternoon.  Unfortunately the surf was up which meant a) that the visibility was not all it could have been, and b) our landing (after a very brief swim) was not very graceful.  Brigid came off worst.  Having tripped over her fins in the surf, she bounced up against some submerged rocks … adding to her earlier bruises!

We ate in the Outback Steakhouse. We were both in reflective mood.  Though the airports had reopened, travel was far from returning to normal. On the eve of our flight to Fiji, Brigid was wishing that we weren’t quite so far from home.