It was Labor Day in the States, which (although no motorcycle dealer worth his salt is ever open on a Monday anyway) meant we had to wait another day before contacting the Triumph people. Still, it gave us time to thoroughly clean the bikes and make sure that they were in apple-pie order.

We packed up our kit and checked out of the Econolodge … leaving word that an we were expecting an important delivery via FedEx, and we would call to collect it tomorrow.

As we pulled up outside the house, Brad and Gina were in the process of packing Tony’s car … with as many of Natalie’s childhood toys as they could cram in. Tony’s two kids were sad to have to say goodbye to ‘Grandpa’ Brad and his Harley … “oh, and you too Grandma”. Gina was left in no doubt as to who was favourite! (Better get yourself a Harley, Grandma!)

No sooner had we arrived, than Gina suggested we do some sight-seeing and told us about theArts Fair happening in downtown Portland. We spent a very relaxed couple of hours wandering among the artist’s stalls, admiring the weird and wonderful works on show. Brad and John also spent a few minutes admiring a troupe of belly-dancers on stage.

But we weren’t going to get away without cleaning our bikes. So, before it got dark, Brad produced all the necessary cleaning materials (and a couple of beers) and all three of us set about cleaning our respective bikes. Nothing but concourse condition would do, naturally!