After an abortive search for Motul oil for John’s bike, we headed north for Kalispell and the Glacier National Park. There were limited choices of route around the mountains, so we took the Interstate as far as Missoula, and then the scenic route 93. For the first 100 miles, we were puzzled as to why this had been listed as ‘scenic’ at all, but then we reached the lake, and we followed the road for another 90 miles or so around the extremely photogenic shore.

A strange haze hung over the surrounding hills. We learned later, as we ate dinner in the Bulldog Steakhouse in Kalispell, that the haze was caused by the numerous forest fires now burning in the area.

At last John managed to contact Robert Corbin to ask about the missing Title. (We weren’t really panicked … honest!) There was no problem. On the Monday following the sale, he had obtained a duplicate document and handed it to the Plano dealers. They, of course, had no forwarding address for us, so had hung on to it.