Saturday 18th August 2001, Boston MA

Delia arrived back from her rather disappointing Riding Camp (the kids spent only 45 minutes a day riding, and the rest ‘mucking out’!), and was whisked straight off to Cape Cod to take part in a swimming gala. We left the house at about 10am to collect Brigid’s bike from its service.

Having (at least partially) recovered from the shock of the $810 charge for the service (after 10,000 miles, two new tyres were needed), we found our way back to Brighton. We left the bikes, and headed into Boston again on the bus. We didn’t really have anything planned, but we did a little window-shopping, and popped into Eastern Mountain Sports to look at their GPS systems.

What a surprise. The models they were offering differed substantially from the ones offered by Majestic Gallery in New York. They were small, light-weight, and nearly half the RRP.

We stopped by the University bookshop, where we perused the maps section. Then we looked in the campus computer store, but found no bargains. We started to walk back in the direction of Brighton. Deborah and Delia would not return until Sunday morning, so rather than settle for pizza on our last night in town, we splashed out on a gourmet meal at Devlin’s.