There is not much one can say about the trip across Wyoming, at least from Sturgis to Sheridan where we left the Interstate. We were heading for Cody (named after ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody). At Dayton we stopped briefly at the wonderfully-named Mad Woman Saloon, where we were able to ask the advice of a biker couple as to which of the two roads through the Big Horn mountains would be the best: 14 or 14A? (We opted for 14A, being the steeper and twistier of the two.) The road took us to an elevation of 9,430 ft and descended, via a series of spectacular hairpin bends, to Lovell beneath.

We checked into the Buffalo Bill Village motel come gift shop, and were shown to a very comfortable cabin behind the Holiday Inn. We were spoiled for choice for eateries. Having walked the length of the main street, we settled for the restaurant with the most people in it … Mexican.