Not wanting to spend the whole day on the Interstate, Brigid found a scenic route that apparently followed the shores of Lake Erie all the way to Cleveland. This turned out to be another navigational masterpiece from the woman whose watch is permanently set to London time …

The road did indeed follow the southern shore of Lake Erie, and did (from time to time) afford us a grand view of the Lake. However, for the most part, the view was obscured by endlessly expensive lakeside residences and trees, and the speed limit was 35 mph.

We ate lunch in a sports bar in Cleveland, and hit the Interstate for the rest of the afternoon.
It had seemed a good idea to stop for the night in Rochester, NY. From the map, it looked as though Rochester might have a pleasant downtown area, somewhere near the shore. However, upon entering the City, no such area was signposted, and the downtown area we did find was nowhere near the lake. After an hour or so exploring some of Rochester’s less salubrious districts, we bought ourselves a map.

The lake was not far away, but the city line stop a way short of it. Determined to find a lakeside venue for dinner, we pressed on north to Summerville where we found an excellent Irish pub on the water.