Brigid’s mission for today was to join WeightWatchers. John wanted to replace his rather tired-looking trainers. So, after breakfast, we made a few phone calls, and set off in search of ‘outdoorsy’ sort of shops.

We were never going to succeed in finding a suitable pair of shoes for John. They needed to be light and breathable (for the hot weather), but also waterproof for the mountains. Only one brave shop assistant dared suggest that John should hang on to his old shoes until we get home …

So on to WeightWatchers. All the restaurant food and lack of exercise had taken its toll on Brigid’s waistline. No wonder her jeans were beginning to feel a little tight. She weighed in at 79.3kg – at least 7kg heavier than when we left home!!!

After a (very) light lunch, we took a stroll down to McQuarrie’s Point, and the mysteriously-named Mrs McQuarrie’s Chair. The Botanical Gardens were lovely – even in the showery rain. We joined the hoards of Japanese tourists to take pictures of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. (A wedding party posed beneath umbrellas!) We were thrilled by the sight of dozens of white parakeets swooping down to feed on the grass, and rainbow lorikeets calling from the trees. Then we walked back across Hyde Park to change for the ‘Opera’.

Our ‘Opera Afloat’ tour was very undersubscribed, which meant that, despite the discounted tickets, everyone got a front row or window table. As the evening got under way, we were given a glass of champagne, and the first half of the performance followed the starter.

Brigid was delighted with the programme, which included some of the world’s best-known arias – so that even John was soon humming the tunes (especially after ‘Carmen’ had seductively thrown her feather boa around his neck and embraced him as she sang “L’Amour!”).

It might have been a slightly cheesy way to see Sydney, but for us (short on time because of the messed-up flights) it put the icing on the cake – I’d recommend it to anyone.