The hotel was not offering breakfast, so we had bacon and eggs in a deli opposite, before checking out. We now had a whole day to kill in town before our ferry left at 7.30pm. We found a parking space in Lambert Quay, and went to find a branch of Kathmandu to change Brigid’s fleece, which had developed a hole. (Brigid has not been lucky with clothing this trip, but John’s latest credit card statement shows that he has had a credit from Clare’s in Ontario – thereby closing the chapter on the Joe Rocket jacket!).

John is toying with the idea of buying a dive knife in Tisdall’s outdoor outfitters. Brigid is now very much taken with the idea of learning to fish. We found an Internet café in Victoria Street and logged in for e-mail. John does a little research on GPS systems, and then we wander around Queens Wharf looking for a marine chandlery shop to compare prices. We found no chandlery, but had a delicious lunch in Latitude 41, having moved the van to a more permanent parking spot in the Lynx check-in area.

We rang Britz (rather late in the day) to establish that it was o.k. to keep the van an extra week, and (after a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing) were told it was. Then, having done all the shopping we could stomach, we swallowed a couple of ‘Sea-Legs’ pills before boarding the Lynx.